Isidore and Laura Champagne

Isidore Champagne

(Basile) Isidore Champagne was born on 14 November 1857 in Ottawa, Ontario, to Basile La Plante dit Champagne and Alphonsine Cantin. He studied at the St Therese College in Montreal, graduating when he was 23.

Isidore married Laura Pamela Moore on 20 July 1891 at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Ottawa. He and Laura moved to the newly established ‘Clarkstown’ in 1893.

Isidore began his 43-year career in the Department of Public Works at 45 Cedar Street, Clarkstown, in 1894. He started as a messenger and was progressively promoted to mail clerk, records clerk, senior clerk, Secretary (1927 – 60 years old), then Administrator of the same Department (1933 – 66 years old).

In 1909, Isidore was elected Counsellor of Clarkstown. In that same year, Isidore became one of the first members of the Societe St Vincent de Paul, established to help the poor in the region. 30 years later he received a certificate of honour for his dedication to assisting the poor.

In 1912, Isidore was elected Counsellor of Clarkstown for a second term. In 1916, he was elected as the first Vice President of the Societe St Vincent de Paul. In 1919, Isidore formed a committee to establish the first church for the village.

In 1920, Isidore became President of the School Scholars Committee (Comite scolaire pour les ecoles). In 1922, Isidore became the founding President of the St. Charles Church Cooperative. He was re-elected for a second term in 1925.

Isidore died on 6 February 1954 in his home in Eastview, Ottawa, Ontario at the age of 86.

Laura Moore

Laura Pamela Moore was born on 6 April 1869 at Point Claire to Laurent Moore and Celanire/Celanie Gagnon. Unusually for the times, Laura was a politically active woman. She was involved in her community and was a member of various organisations, including:

  • Committee to Protect French Schools,
  • Member of the Federation of French Canadian Women,
  • President of the Sisters of St Anne,
  • President of the Society of St Elizabeth

Everyone who knew her attested that Laura had an extraordinary capacity to relate to people and an amiable nature. She listened to everyone and everyone loved her. She was a good mother and grandmother.

Sourced from a Champagne Family History compiled by a member of

Laura died on 28 March 1960 in Eastview, Ottawa, Ontario at the age of 90.