Cecile Champagne

Cecile Marie Bernadette Champagne was born on 25 August 1923, in Eastview, Ottawa, Ontario, to Leopold Champagne and Rose Anna Roy.

My mother was pretty funny. She always giggled even when she had to punish us. She was always working hard to keep the house clean and made great meals even though we weren’t rich. Example; on Fridays we always had spaghetti with cheese and fish!

Everyday she would iron clothes even washcloths, I mean hours of ironing. Then she would take money from “Colonel Sanders KFC” bank which it didn’t have an opening, used a knife to take the change out and would send one of us to the store to get her a Coke and Mars chocolate bar! I loved to go because a had a dime to buy myself candies.

Every Sunday she would cook a big meal because we always had the visit of one or two family members with their children. I remember our Christmas with a “Réveillon ” tradition with church at midnight, opening our gifts and eating a big traditionnel meal afterwards. The next day every body would come back to celebrate. We always had company any day of the year! My parents were very much loved.

Louise Demers (Carriere) – Dec 2019

Cecile as a Young Woman

Maman Cecile

My mother was the most loving and caring person in my life! She was fun to have around, loved to whistle and laughed a lot. She loved playing cards and bingo! I miss her now that I am talking about her!

Here is one of my mom’s recipes that was one of the favorites of my dad. (Magic powder is baking powder)

Helene Mantha (Carriere) – Dec 2019