I would like to express my deep respect and gratitude for the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I call home, the Ngunnawal people. I pay my respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging, and acknowledge their ongoing connection to this land. I am grateful for the wisdom and knowledge shared so generously, we have much to learn.

… My story is woven into this time and place with the threads of my ancestors. On my mother’s side, my ancestors set sail from Ireland and Cornwall to seek fortune in the gold rush, and from Norway with the whaling fleets. My father’s lineage traces back to Canada’s French settlers who hailed from Brittany in France. It is only natural then that the stories of these diverse cultures and their journeys resonate within me, shaping my perspective and deepening my connection to the world.

As a dreamy child, I inhabited a world of imagination. Books became my portals to enchanted realms, and I revelled in the joy of drawing, making music, and singing melodies. I was and still am curious about the world around me. Nature was my playground, and I spent countless hours outdoors, lost in whimsical tales and pretending I could soar through the skies.

Those childhood dreams nurtured my creative spirit and led to the publication of my first children’s book and the first book in the Tales from Brambleberry Farm series. The Adventures of William Brambleberry: Aviator Mouse is a historical fiction picture book for children ages 4-7. The story tells of a determined little mouse, William Brambleberry, who lives in Perranporth, Cornwall during WWII and learns to fly a Spitfire by befriending pilots from Australia’s 453 Squadron. The second book in the series The Extraordinary Tale of Bianca: Spy Mouse, based on the real WWII hero Nancy Wake, is planned for release soon, stay tuned.

In addition to my children’s books, I delve into the realms of folklore, mythology, traditions, and customs, based on the turning of the seasons in the southern hemisphere through my blog and website Wheel and Cross. When time and inspiration converge, I also love to draw and illustrate whimsical characters, and I have begun to fall in love with cross-stitch and embroidery.

Mostly, I am a collector of beauty and wonder. Illustrated storybooks, fairytales, folklore, and myths hold a cherished place on my shelves, inviting me into realms of magic and wisdom. I find solace and inspiration in nature, wandering amidst the intricate tapestry of mushrooms, moss, lichen, flowers, and ferns. Nature’s bounty beckons me to forage for useful herbs and flavoursome fruits that nourish and heal both body and soul.

As I embrace the passing years, moving from motherhood to sovereign and then to crone, I find myself eagerly anticipating the wisdom and enchantment that comes with growing old. I may be a henwife, tending to my loved ones with care, wisdom, and a magic trick or two, or even old Baba Yaga, living in the forest, fiercely protective of the wild places and slightly dangerous. The stories of old crones and wise women inspire me, reminding me that the journey of life is a tapestry woven with countless adventures and limitless possibilities.

My feet are planted in the soil of a small country town just outside Canberra, Australia’s capital city, on Ngunnawal Country, tended by and tending to my boys: my husband, my children, two dogs, and a cat.

Many blessings to you,

Geneviève XOX