CDWC 2018 – Week 13. Rodent

It has been such a long time since I’ve been able to illustrate anything. Now that my morning (all day) sickness has settled down hopefully, I can be more productive. I’m not able to illustrate the imagery of this scene with the vividness and quality that I would like but as they say, practice makes perfect so I’ll keep practicing.

This illustration depicts a scene from one of the stories in my ‘A Very Brambleberry Christmas’ work in progress book, titled ‘The Gingerbread Homestead.’ It is a retelling of Hansel and Gretel for the little Brambleberry micelings.

“Billy and Bethany raced up the chocolate freckle path towards the marvelous and delicious looking homestead. The homestead was made of gingerbread with a roof of blackstrap licorice. Its walls were covered in hundreds and thousands, the verandah was made of chocolate sticks, with steps of licorice allsorts, a chimney of hardboiled lollies, windows of toffee glass and a red marzipan door. The paddock surrounding the homestead was full of lollipop trees with a caramel fudge well on the side and in the garden grew mint leaf jubes.”

You’ll have to wait and see who lurks in the gingerbread homestead and how the little micelings escape.

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