CDWC 2018 – Week 2 Toddler

This is the second week of the 2018 Character Design Weekly Challenge. I’ve attempted a different design for my mouse characters. It’s not bad but more cartoony than want for my Brambleberry family.

This week’s theme is Toddler/Baby so please allow me to introduce Bethany Brambleberry. Bethany loves animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up.

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52 WIC – Week 20 ‘Saturday’ CATCH UP

This one is very late in coming but I have had the concept in the back of my mind since March. I’m also happy to say that I finally took the plunge and bought myself a set of Royal Langnickel water colours and some good quality watercolour paper. I am in love! I love the smell of the water colour, how it feels to put brush to paper, the beautiful colour and wash. I can’t wait to learn everything I can about painting with watercolours.

I also liked the concept of this illustration and I’m reasonably happy with the execution but quite disappointed with the mouse, his eyes are far too big and make him look scary rather than friendly. I’m sure I’ll come back to this concept when I am more proficient.

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52 WIC – Week 7 ‘Botanical’

I enjoyed drawing this theme though the execution isn’t great. I’m still not really enjoying the watercolour pencils, the colours are insipid and amateurish and I don’t really like their effect. I do prefer illustrating my mouse in this way though, inspired by the gorgeous ‘Charming Tales’ figurines. There’s also a great story in this somewhere and maybe one day I’ll write about ‘The Raspberry Thief.’

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52 WIC – Week 5 ‘Peacock’

This peacock was copied from a stained glass window I found on a google search. I love the idea of a story called ‘The Mouse and the Peacock.’ Maybe I’ll turn this picture into a story one day. As for the artistry, I don’t mind how it turned out but I’m still not particularly happy with the colour from the watercolour pencils.

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52 WIC – Week 1 ‘Whimsy’

I was nervous to start this challenge as I haven’t picked up a pen to draw anything since high school. I would love to learn watercolour but will start with fine tip pen and colouring pencils for now. I’ve also decided that my theme for this year will be mice, to honour the inspiration they’ve provided me in my writing.

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